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Wednesday Featured Stories

  1. Green thumbs needed at Old Fort Madison

    Whenever there are reenactments around the Old Fort, other than the costumed soldiers, a battle or two and tours of the fort, people are asked to use their imaginations to get the full effect of life inside the Old Fort walls during the War of 1812. Now there are efforts being made to make at least one change there.Dr. Eugene Watkins, Old Fort Madison site manager, said he is looking for people with green thumbs.
  2. The cost of prom today

    Some people consider prom the most important event in high school. When students think about highlights in high school, many times they find themselves focusing on the event. Parents, on the other hand, find themselves thinking about dollars and cents. How much does a prom cost these days? Gone are the days when prom dresses were not overly expensive. And the dress, along with a tuxedo for the young man and perhaps a wrist corsage for the young lady were the only additional costs. Now this is just the starting point.Apparel
  3. Finding Fala - two years later

    Imagine losing your best friend for two and a half years, only to find her face staring back at you one day when you turn on your computer. That’s just what happened to a Quincy woman, with her story ending in Fort Madison.In Oct. 31, 2012. Fala, a Labrador retriever mix whose name at the time was Tallulah, was put outside for making a mess in the house. It was an attention-getting process meant to teach the dog a lesson.
  4. Even the ‘big boys’ break down

    Fort Madison resident Mike Killoren caught this scene Wednesday morning at the corner of 26th Street and Avenue L. Capt Scott Brisby of the Fort Madison Fire Department, a sensor in the engine failed, causing the truck to stop. The sensor was replaced in about 15 minutes and nowfully operational.

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